Thursday, 22 February 2018




Photography is an art. I have seen these passionate photographers struggling to get one glimpse, angle etc for a perfect picture. I have observed their patience of waiting for long hours at a spot to get it.

In my house, we have painters, architects, interior designers, fine arts guys so on. Probably that’s why i can feel the passion, pain and thrust of an artist. I personally love a black & white picture. I think  it has the capacity to enhance the feeling behind that face or a picture.

When it comes to resorts, the people in general always fear of made up images of any resorts. They seldom get disappointed as they arrive. Over phone people ask, Hope Photos are not made up? The resort actually looks as beautiful as it is appearing in the images? This is the reason I try to keep images of all our resorts genuine and authentic. My guests are appreciating too.

Every picture has memories and stories I guess.” A picture speaks a thousand words” is so true. Do you feel the same? If yes, send me B/W pictures of your choice on

Tuesday, 6 February 2018


The sheer pleasure of welcoming guests day in and day out is wonderful. Although all the guests come here for a holiday their purposes behind travelling down are so varied. As they check in I tend to observe them.  Each individual has a different body language. I enjoy trying to guess what is  going on in their mind, it is like playing a little guesswork game. It helps me connect to my guests.

Some of them come with their childhood  friends, some with colleagues, while others come with their family or relatives or as a couple. Caring sons or daughters, who have brought their parents along, are often anxious about checking in at the earliest, so that their aged parents can rest after the journey. The moment the senior citizens are settled they tend to relax. On the other hand young couples are often relaxed and engrossed in one another. Occasionally, a father has driven down to the resort by himself along with his  two children. He juggles with managing the kids and doing the check in formalities.

I sometimes feel I need to handle different people in different moods. I have done this in the past but now I am handling them all at once. But when one of our guests writes to me saying. “It was really wonderful experience with such a beautiful infrastructure and nicely maintained property. We are amazed by peacefulness of property and well maintained greenery. I would like to mention about tasty food served at restaurant with very polite company of your team members. Surely a resort which can be recommended to friends and family.’
When I read something like this, I feel my day is done.

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Feelings Speak Finer than Words

I am no Wordsmith but I have a story to share. Although I hesitate to pick up my pen my friends and well-wishers keep encouraging me to share my experiences. So, how do I start ? I think let me start at the very beginning…..
I reminisce my childhood. I was born into a family of live wires. We were all explorers when it came to holiday-making. We set off on a holiday leaving the itinerary behind.  We wished to be spontaneous with our holiday plans….it were as if we were on a blind-date with our location ! We redefined adventure too ! Each destination was an adventure because we saw adventure in all that was diverse. Even as a child I enjoyed exploring different places, different people with their unique culture, dialect, food and professions. It was a hands-on experience in the school called Life.
As a little girl I was an introvert. I was responsive but not very talkative. But as Life would have it I accidentally landed up into the profession of Sales. I guess Life wanted to mentor the communication skills that I had inherited but was unaware of ! As a part of my profession I started meeting new people every day. As I communicated with them I actually started enjoying understanding their mind. This soon grew into an obsession and later became a passion.
When Passion meets Contentment it gives a feeling of Completeness. I was looking for a venture where I could Explore, Create, Interact and Get Satisfaction..all at one time. Childhood memories flashed in front of my eyes. Our holidays had been simple but memorable. Insight came in a flash. I wanted to create places where people could Explore and Experience memorable holidays. My fervour and aspiration consolidated and Feet-Up Holidays was born !
Now I manage multiple resorts and by hosting my guests, I try to look into people’s hearts and discover THEIR concept of a Holiday.
Then I paint their dream holiday with the zeal of an Artist !